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Alright, we are gonna shut this shit down, pronto

Half of you whiny, contrarian faggots screamed non-stop about how DOOM 2016 wasn't a slaughterwad. People bitched and moaned about how there was only a few enemies on screen at a time. And you know what? That complaint wasn't totally invalid. Combat was still fun, but only two barons and three imps at the end of Argent didn't give me the same feel as the ending of, say, Plutonia.

Now, this demo gave us another arena. You can like them, you can complain about them; either way, I have few strong feelings about the area deal. They were fun in 2016, but the original corridors were also fun. But that's a debate for another day. How this factors into your complaint is that you're calling an arena "messy." A system of corridors is going to play differently from an arena. An arena is supposed to be hectic. It relies on reflexes and quick thinking. You're supposed to strafe that baron, jump to you left, shoot and grab health from that imp, all while keeping tab o the two cacodemons spewing shit from behind you. Systems of hallways are more cerebral, and force you to think more about what you're going to do about those archviles in the locked rooms while they respawn the chaingunners across the hallway. These are two different philosophies in enemy placement and design, and as far as Eternal goes, it seems to be pulling arena combat just fine.

If you prefer the Plutonia approach, I don't fault you. It's good on its own merits.But this is not Plutonia. You are barking up the wrong tree. This is an arena. It's supposed to be hectic.

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