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Well, /doom/, today I'm gonna make my first mod!

After Slade fucking finishes downloading and I get my laundry in the washing machine.

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The "Go play KDITD from start to finish on UV ironman (no saving, restart if you die), then post your final time, ss of finish screen, or even a demo here" challenge is still ongoing for people that want to give it a shot, or give it a second attempt.. It's not sourceport specific, so do it in whatever you want, though PrBoom+ makes it easy to record demos.

How to record Demos in PrBoom+:

Create a shortcut to the .exe and then modify the shortcut to have the following

"[path]" -file [wad] -complevel [number] -skill [number] -warp [number] -record [demoname]

so for instance to make the demo "vre1.lmp" my shortcut was

"C:\Program Files\prboom-plus-\prboom-plus.exe" -iwad doom -complevel 9 -skill 4 -warp 1 -record vre1

People that have done it:


Imma try to manage a lower time later tonight.

>Well, E1 is easy for almost any kind of retarded and not so gameplay.

That's the point, we're speedrunning an episode everyone is guaranteed to be familiar with and even those that aren't as good as some of the people here can still complete. If I said "go ironman episode 3 of hell revealed" we would have far less people doing it.

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Glad you like them. Anything you'd like to be different about them?

Glad you them too. What changes would you like to see made to them?

The player's health and armor are the same as vanilla, so nothing got removed, there's just more attacking being done. Would you say it's an issue overall or only when using melee? All enemies or only certain ones? What changes would you make?

That gives less fine tuning ability than a jump chance in the missile state though. But it does have an advantage in that they should look even smoother than they do. I may end up using that. The only issue is that it means more code to replace them, since replacing see states sometimes causes weird issues, though I haven't tested it as far as replacing new monsters, just the vanilla ones, so it may be a non-issue.

What I think I need to do, since >>1610163 was a little backwards now that I think about it, is make the monsters by default less aggressive and add them back in in a difficulty level between UV and NM.

For the monsters other than the hitscanners, would you (or anyone else reading this) say they are too aggressive, just fine, or could stand to be more aggressive? If you want them toned down, do you think down all the way to vanilla, or more aggressive than vanilla just not as aggressive as they are currently?

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Had a spare hour and an idea so I added the feature to Pistol Start Options of having the option of having it pistol start you back at the start of the episode or mapset you're currently playing upon death that was requested a little while ago here:

Set the CVar death_firstmap to 1 or true to use this option. This option takes precedence over death_pistolstart, so if you have both set you will end up pistol starting the earlier map rather than the map you died on.

If you're playing a map set with a MAP## naming scheme it will boot you back to MAP01. If you're playing a map set with a E#M# naming scheme it will boot you back to the first map in the episode you're in, so long as the episode is 1, 2, 3 or 4.

If you're playing a map set that uses none of the aforementioned naming schemes, it will boot you back to the first map you played, which will usually be the first map in a map set or episode (unless you started zdoom with warp parameters or used idclev.) Loading saves won't affect this; you will be taken to the map that you first played in that saved game rather than the level you loaded the save from.

As always the uncompiled ACS is included in the file, so feel free to look it over and/or use it for whatever project you want.


Doomworld Thread with more info:
(will be updated a couple of minutes after this is posted)

Also sorry for being away and not as involved in /doom/ or modding/mapping as I have been, I've just been insanely busy for a while (and unfortunately will be for a while longer.)

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