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Any speedrunners browsing this board?

Whats your favourite game to speedrun and why?

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This game is dull

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Almost every criticism I hear about this game is retarded. Nothing is without its flaws, but the way this fantastic title has been memed into shit-tier status by zoomer faggots is unbelievable.

What exactly do people dislike about this game? I'm sure there are some valid complaints here and there, like some of the unskippable text, but really, how many of these criticisms dont just boil down to nitpicking? How many of these same complaints would people hold against games that aren't OoT? The fact that people have to attack an amazing game on the basis of something as retarded as text speed is a clear indication of just how good this game is.

Don't listen to what the haters say. This game was revolutionary in 1998, and it's still fun as fuck in 2018.

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You know, I don't really like this game anymore.

Don't get me wrong; the aesthetics, atmosphere and music are all fantastic, and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a magical experience to play this as a kid. But, going back to it now, it's just so fucking boring.

Every dungeon follows the same progression format and has largely the same eye switch and block-pushing puzzles. There's no reason to ever explore and look for secrets because the only reward you'll ever find are rupees that you can't spend on anything. Everything dies from the puff of a fart so all of the different attacks and sword techniques you can use are rendered pointless. The overworld is empty as fuck and there are practically no enemies to fight. The side quests are mostly time trials and shooting contests repeated ad nauseum. The post-game content is a joke and there is no reward for beating the game. The whole game just feels small, restrictive, repetitive and tedious.

It's not a terrible game by any means, and it's easy to see why it was so revolutionary for its time. But, the truth is, it's a solid 8/10, nothing more. Games like ALTTP and the GB Zeldas are still as fun as they ever were, but OoT just isn't fun anymore, and the sacred cow status of the game is frankly undeserving.

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