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I fucking lold at that picture

hmm reminds me of the hell level in diablo2
The ironic part of images like this is it reminds me of how stupid the monsters are in doom.

The monsters you fight would have to be like claymation whipped-up cronies the actual demons created to go cause their damage for them while they sit back and eat popcorn. Id expect actual demons to be alot more crafty, agile, and with an entire arsenal of dark magic spells to screw with their enemies beyond just causing damage to them. Like Leprechaun stuff, turning people into human-centepedes and such or just turning them into monsters to fight for them. Things that armor cannot protect against.
Some creep like Doomguy being actually successful at chewing through the abominations would likely get one of these demons to get up off the couch and go deal with him themselves since it would be ruining their fun and possibly even turning the tide of the invasion.

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I mean consider if there was a doom mod that just gave you straight Quake 1 weapons. You still have to fight doom monsters with all their normal stats and distribution in any given map.
> Except your Q1 weapons cause double damage in doom... about 48 for the shotgun, 112 for the double barrel, every nail spent causes 18
> grenades cause 128 explosive + 72 impact, rockets cause 128 explosive + 112 impact
> every cell spent for the LG of which you can only carry 100 of each causes 56 damage.

I think it would take out enemies pretty spectacularly on a 1v1 basis but then again the doom shotgun does that pretty well. The problem is running into 8-20 imps, being shot at by 2-5 shotgun zombies, facing down a stampede of demons, or having the equivalent of multiple Flying Ogres (caco) hitting you while you're moving through tight spaces up on catwalks.

And facing down 2 Barons at a time is kinda a big deal when they cause about 40 damage per fireball hit, and they reach in your chest an pull your heart out pretty much when it comes to melee.
> Doom Hell Knights and Quake Death Knights are practically equal in these regards, except the DKs are faster on foot and I guess since there are often alot more HKs that difference in performance is made up for by numbers.
> Imagine in doom having a Death Knight come up and do twice the usual damage it causes with the sword. And each of those firebolts cause 18 damage... 90 for a full spread, its even easier to be hit by those than a noble fireball, though a noble fireball also goes faster.

Another equivalence thats rarely mentioned is Speed since Quake monsters move so much faster, even the zombies move about as fast as doomguy walks. If you made doom monsters fast like quake monsters but you get rid of probably about 1/2 of them (while making the zombies more accurate) they would have a similar difficulty to Quake monsters.

poison vials, depending on class
area damage is your friend

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custom UPGRADE on Smooth Doom
just barely cranked it out in time tonight...
* Awesome chaingun sound
* PSX Shotgun sound (though will be overridden by the remasterSfx package if you load it afterwards)
* Better sparkles, and more sparkles on things
* Better impact effects in many cases, some color tweaks on things
* an HD palette
* Chaingunner has 4 variants (the three that are available in smooth, plus the chaingun major, though the major is not smooth it adds variation in case people want that)


This is for the version of smooth doom that has the alternate doom64 weapon variants to choose from, I think this is the latest version since its more comprehensive than the other one.

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Meh I dont know, there are alot of enemies that are standalone things so removing the stuff that makes the map pack a problem doesn't seem to interfere with that.

Keep in mind this isnt a patch, its a re-engineered pk3 so it would require a full download, and loading it instead of the normal KDIZD.

However you'd load Smooth Doom after it, then probably the RemasterSFX if you're into that.

The idea here is making sure the two don't conflict and the weapons and all the native monsters get replaced by the smoothdoom.

The only thing im concerned about right now is whether the lack of Rifle Bullets is going to screw with the end-map screen script, im going to have to look through it to replace all such mentions with "Cells". The lack of a Rifle and GL does mean that the player will get a Plasma Rifle and BFG9000 instead.

(technically I cant even leave the rifle in there because it has the same name as the rifle used in smooth doom, so rather than try to sort that out im just going to give the player their plasma rifle back)

(Im thinking of making an alteration to the Rifle Zombie so it shoots a short volley of plasma shots instead of a rifle shot, and its dropitem will be a cell. Probably also translation recolored to have something blue on it.)

I also removed the recolored hell knight graphics from it, since technically doom 1 didn't have a hell knight.
> Instead the hell knight just extends from the Baron Of Hell but without any state definitions, that way it inherits all the Baron's states.
> Recolored using a custom Translation. With all the other properties that make it a proper hell knight instead of a boss.

Doom1 doesnt have an SSG so im just going to leave the existing (custom) SSG sprites in there and rename them. Then smoothdoom will just replace that.

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that reminds me in response to "its saturday, post progress" post (since I didnt know exactly what I was doing at the time)

doing a revamp on my personal mod, now that I got help with using the dehacked patches to alter the ammo amounts

so I did a new palette using btsx as a base, and pic related is me reproducing the coloration for the monsters using translations

(the ones on the left are untranslated, and they look okay as is just leaving them in the main iwads, this way I dont have to store custom colored versions)

The baron is translated to red/black and it just about gets close to the way I had it before.

The ettins replace pinkies, and the red version above (think turned-red zelda monster trope) is the replacement for the spectre. No its not invisible so it loses the stealth advantage, but its tough enough that it cant be 1-shotted and its almost as hard to faze as a hell knight (so cornered by these freaks, a chaingun or chainsaw will not necessarily save you).

Overall this gave me the opportunity to tweak alot of other things that had become part of the infrastructure of the mod.

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