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>What are the main things you should be looking for when testing a crt?
Geometry - Straight lines are straight, square things are square, round things are round
Convergence - Gun(s) are aligned correctly and give you sharp delineation on edges of graphics. Bright white items or text should appear white without heavy fringing of red green or blue. Corners will have worse convergence than the center, but not too extreme in most cases. Picture related shows the corner of a monitor that is out of convergence.
Linearity - This is a problem mostly seen on flat faced CRTs. Movement across the screen should be even without "speed bumps" where graphics warp or deform slightly as they scroll.
Burn in - Ghost images burnt into the screen from leaving it displaying said image for extended periods of time. More a problem with items used in commercial settings, but still easily found on normal sets used for tv.
Bright Picture - You don't want a set that's been rode hard with the brightness and/or contrast cranked all the way up for long periods of time.If it looks dim with the brightness set to average/default, that's bad. A good CRT should be able to display a nice bright picture without raising the brightness setting too high.

Immaculate would be perfect or near perfect geometry and convergence(CRTs will never have literaly perfect geometry and convergence, but we're talking from a practifical stand point), no linearity problems or burn in, and a bright, sharp picture

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