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Eh, I get it. There's a certain way things have to be done given a particular setting/theme, though. I've found people tend to scream regardless of what I do, even if they're given exactly what they want, so I've gone back to doing whatever the hell pleases my fancy.

Most of the outside is red-on-red-on-red. That's just the way the outside on this map is. The rest is still pretty red but not entirely so.

Map 03 of the 'ice' themed episode is essentially done, but I'm still sticking to my guns of 'i'm a blithering, incompitent idiot and others would have to refine it because I still don't know what the fuck I'm doing'- For example, the end-fight with the Archvile, I wanted to somewhat randomize what monsters were thrown in, but my best approximation of how to do this was to set up a 3x3 Bosscube Box that despawned after firing once.

Red IS the dominant color on Shajjeshojth though. That's not gonna change.

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