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IRL, flechettes really depend on how you use them. They can work as part of the payload of an explosive, but fired from a gunbarrel they're extremely finicky and unreliable; highly susceptible to wind and weather, easily destabilizing from even the mildest gust, and deflecting very easily from rain or even the lightest vegetation (which doesn't just mean poor accuracy, but often poor terminal ballistics).

Project Salvo/SPIW delved a lot into that kind of research and it was found it just wasn't worth it, due to the fundamental problems of super light dart projectiles vs. air resistance, as well as the high velocity of the projectiles making the guns loud enough that it was a really serious problem.

Quake isn't exactly a game about realism, but the nails used are visibly pretty big, so perhaps part of their solution could be imagined as using heavier projectiles much less easily affected by the elements. I imagine this would mean a lot of recoil and noise, but at the same time I guess the higher performance would be important for big and bad monsters like Shamblers.

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