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The first game is really rough around the edges. It's like being a Thief in D&D 1.0. You'll go in expecting to be a stealth ninja and randomly the game will just throw the weirdest shit at you. Unmatched soul.
The second game ironed out all the quirks and made it a lot more what you would expect. It's way more like a traditional stealth game. A lot of people's favorites but not as much soul.
The third game is ok.

Also watch out for the seething dude who spams all these threads for some reason.

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Thief: The Dark Project.

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Games really god damn unique.

I wouldn't stress out about your score too much unless you do a replay. The #1 thing about the first thief game is you have to tune your expectations. The game is like being a Thief in D&D and it throws every aspect of being a Thief at you. Eventually you're going to end up raiding haunted crypts and shit from time to time. I wouldn't even worry about my score on a mission like that one mansion (you'll know it when you see it), because the whole level is such a gigantic mindfuck that just navigating it is most of the challenge. A lot of people hate this shit at first, but after your second or third playthrough (if you replay it) they'll grow on you (or not!).

In the second game they stripped away most of this stuff and it plays way more like a traditional stealth game. That's when I'd worry about your score. You'll also be way more familiar with the game then. A lot of people prefer the second one for this reason, but it feels way too tame for me. Like a lot of the soul is missing and it's too "safe".

Kek. Was that going to be a level or were they making a game named that?

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The reason I play retro can easily be summarized in why I love Thief but cannot stand Dishonored:

>Thief it's pretty obvious to tell what is and isn't important and how alert the guards are to your presence
>Dishonored has to slap silhouettes and icons on everything, because everyone blends together

>Thief feels smooth and fluid, there is never little pauses in the gameplay
>Dishonored has to animate every single thing you do

>Thief has a 1 minute cutscene before and after each level that say a lot with little time
>Dishonored takes +30 minutes to start the god damn game due to cinematic story bullshit and the cutscenes all take around 10-20 minutes

>Thief has interesting characters that I may or may not like
>Dishonored tries it's hardest to force me to like the characters, which makes me despise them

>Thief is centered around being a Thief and does it's best it can to represent t his
>Dishonored is centered around being an assassin and the game gets butthurt when you do assassin things

>In Thief you're a Thief who weaker than everyone and needs to use every tool in his arsenal and even listen constantly for enemies to avoid getting killed
>In Dishonored you're a god

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You just remided me one of my favourite game series (I have "task completed" sound on my sms for over 2 years and I just got so much used to it, that I keep forgetting where is it from). Beautiful memories guys.

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