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Mogs Secret of Mana

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I always liked the theory that Secret of Evermore was originally much darker and edgier in production, but was toned down and painted over with cartoon violence to try and make it "Nintendo friendly"


Stuff like some of the beta screenshots from magazines, music and some of the concept art lends it some weight, but it's likely if it were true that most of this was changed VERY early on and aside from the weird music not much of it was ever realized.

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Pretty much. It always felt like there was supposed to be another chapter between Gothica and Omnitopia. The last arc and build up to it was definitely rushed.

It's one of the few games that I love so much that I try anything to prolong my playthrough but it remains too easy, too short and of course there's no sidequests.

>the "protagonist who suddenly become strong as fuck with no proper explanation and nobody cares" syndrome
What do you mean?

>story went down hill after the intro, could have been waaay more interesting
To be fair you can apply this to anything. There's rumours floating around that it was supposed to be a lot darker and there's a lot of promotional material that makes it seem like it was supposed to. There's also a beta screenshot of what might be the hero telling Fire Eyes something like "How could you? Those poor children" so who knows? Maybe it was supposed to have themes about artificial lifeforms and what they're worth with Evermore's citizens not really being real. It'd have tied into Carlton's rebellion well since he is a robot after all.

>so many little room to up weapons levels since you get upgrades and next weapon almost inmediately
Yeah they should have had the weapons be upgraded but with more levels as opposed to having weapons that exist only to be replaced by an identical one that's stronger. Or maybe give each one some unlockable unique feature. Like have the bone have a chance to cause confusion/slow or something.

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Underrated JRPG.

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Why does this game get such a bad rep? I thought it was quite good.

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Secret of Evermore.

The atmosphere, the music, the sense of adventure all alone in a strange world with your dog as your only friend. Beyond the gameplay (which some people think is tedious, but I love) the game's story always seemed to suggest there was something more going on, but it never tells you what.

But speaking of music, listen to this:

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I liked the concept art for a lot of this game, but I don't understand how some of it relates, like pic related

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Before shouting out a specfic game, here's two shoutouts:
Popular chill is chill too. This song and Lon-Lon Ranch are good. Dragon Roost is also high-tier, albeit not retro status.

Based Supradarky introduced me to this guy. He has a YouTube page! http://www.youtube.com/user/al29772

Now then, my personal shoutout goes to Secret of Evermore!

Fire Eye's Theme:
Pirates of Crusadia:
Hall of Collosia: (My personal favorite)
Castle of White:
Corridors of Silence:
Castle of Ebon:

I strongly recommend going through this soundtrack if you haven't before. On another random note, it won't do to not mention "Aquatic Ambience," at least once so I'll just get that out of the way too.

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