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>Nobody is claiming bunnyhopping will make you invulnerable; only pointing out the flaw in the AI
It's not a flaw in the AI you tool, and it's not really about bunnyhopping, it's about moving fast so cultists can't line up a shot. No shit they're going to have a weakness, otherwise they will just blast at you 24-7 and you will never be able to move between cover.

>If you try step out in front of a cultist while he's aware of you and already has facing, you're going to get shot wallhax style even if you sprint.
Wrong again. Here I am sprinting with cultists in plain view immediately facing at me and they don't immediately fire 'wallhack style'

>never trigger a change of facing
except he's literally turning while I'm moving closer towards him while shooting. he would have kept shooting and turning (and probably have shot me) had I not shot at him and stunned him by it.

You imply that this gameplay is the norm, and that all one has to do is brainlessly 'jump around cultists' when like 90% of the game you're going to be playing tactically. What's more important than 'jumping around cultists' is actually dominating them by making them flinch and using weapons intelligently.

You keep trying to trivialise this gameplay and imply that this is all there is to it, yet you can't offer gameplay of your own. Let's see E5M1 on WD anon. That's just one level, what's the problem?

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