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I played through most of it a little while ago.
Got distracted by other games and it's been sitting in my Famicom for months now, but I had a pretty good time with what I played of it.
It's an RPG where you only get XP upon completing quests/milestones, so your power level is somewhat controlled relative to the enemies (earning money from battles to buy better equipment is still useful, but that too ends up limited by what areas you can get to at that point).
The dungeons are shrouded in a fog-of-war (styled as playing cards) so despite being top-down view, exploring them is a little like a DRPG/blobber. In some dungeons the fog of war restores itself at a certain distance away, and the one I was in at the point I stopped playing did that with a range of 1, so basically you needed to manually map that one.
There's a decent number of characters you can recruit, in addition to summonable monsters you can buy (and supposedly you can talk monsters into joining you Shin Megami Tensei style, but I didn't have much luck with talking to enemies, myself).
The character art (in the game and in the manual) is really cute.

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