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So I know it's probably not the most appropriate place to ask, I had a question regarding Thief, which I asked last thread, but never really got a response. It's just something that's been bugging me about one of the levels.

My question is in regards to the level "Undercover" (the Thief Gold version) where you have to get the Air Talisman. I found the location of the air talisman, but not how to open the gate to get to it. I ran aimlessly around the level for about an hour trying to figure out how to get it. The only lead I found was a switch in the cellar, I got impatient, and ended up watching a video playthrough of what to do. It turns out there are 5 switches you have to through, and a couple of them are very well hidden. I beat the level using that video, but there's one thing still bugging me, there was nothing at all that hinted at throwing switches, or even little hints on where to go or what to do, there is no way I could have found some of those switches without the guide. I went back to the level to see if there was a note or something I was missing, I read every piece of text I could find, but I couldn't find a single scrap of information that could have helped me, unlike the previous levels in the game which gave you little bits of helpful info. How could I have known what to do?

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I'd love to but I gotta finish this Archaeology assignment tonight. Later, though, I promise.

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>Type "Hell Sky" into Google images
>Get a result from the ZDoom forum

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>Using a tablet

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You also hate every single PC FPS because I decree it.
Time to find a few anons and peer pressure them into saying I'm right.

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>6th picture

...I'm seriously looking forward to NOT see that shit being included in the mod. Gimmicks/gore/drama aside, the fact that some stupid, outdated, kid-appealing shit is still being included in a 4 year-mod is kind of pathetic.

Those who know me already know that I don't play BD at all but I like a few things included in it just for recreative purposes (ketchupfest and the fatalities), but I'm serious, if that thing is still there in v19, the grease gonna hit the pan.

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Get that fucking minigun off from your ass, son


Even better, try asking them to draw the Doom monsters (with proper credit, of course) and some textures, and use that shit to make the WAD

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>- All Archvile changes have been removed.

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