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Whichever way you find comfortable, really. One of Doom's strong sides is that you can approach it in a lot of ways, and it'll kind of just work.

>keyboard + mouse
This was kind of how it was intended to be played. In the original games, you couldn't aim up or down, but you could use the mouse to aim horizontally, and it plays best this way.
To compensate for the lack of vertical aiming, you're given an 'aim-assist', which will try to direct your shots up or down, based on the height of an enemy in your line of sight (it's not foolproof, but once you get a feel for it, and its fall-off distance, you'll understand it and get used to it).

With modern sourceports, you can have modern freelook, and turn auto-aim off, also opting to have a little crosshair in the middle of the screen, so you can manually aim.
Mind that this will make the original game a little easier, and easily allow you to break sequence on some maps. I think for a first timer, playing without modern bells and whistles are for the better, as it'll give you a feel for what it's like.

>keyboard only
The game can be played this way, and the original is easy enough that it's alright.
This will be slower though, as keyboard buttons don't give the same speed and precision for turning as the mouse does.
Some mistakenly believe that the game was originally only played this way, but more likely, their computer at the time didn't have enough memory to run both Doom and their mouse drivers at the same time, and didn't know that the original .exe would accept mouse input.

Kind of like keyboard playing, only much more ergonomic.
With a modern port, you could use analog sticks and have analog input, so you could have a much smoother control than with just a keyboard.
Some of the old console ports didn't have too hot controls, some had decent ones. With a modern gamepad, you could set up your binds and configs as you please, and have a pretty damn good way of playing, if you're so inclined.

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