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He just moves really differently, he crouches and gets up fast, he jumps high, and his inertia is like, he's fucking spring loaded or shit.
If you compare the Samsara version of Caleb to the real deal, you can tell it's off.

Caleb is crazy limber and mobile.
I think the GZDoom program could probably emulate these physics, but it's just that code hasn't been implemented to do so.
There was a quasi-port of Blood based on Duke Nukem 3D, which was widely criticized because among other things, it didn't get Caleb's weird agility down.

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The cracking explosions that really shake the screen and scatters blood and gore all over the place I think is really part of that.
Just like Duke Nukem 3D, where the explosions sound extremely powerful and can be heard from across the map.

They kind of tried a dynamic that's very vaguely like that for Shadow Warrior 2 and it's absolutely awful. I don't think a character like Duke Nukem (or for that matter Lo Wang, old or new), actually benefits from that kind of setup.

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Similarly, what good is the secondary fire on this thing? The manual claims it fires horizontally, but all it looks like to me is a waste of ammo.

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