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I remember Robo hypothesizing some entity wanting everyone to see these exact moments and be there. This entity guided the group, and not Lavos.

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I remember the Japanese version had a preorder bonus of a pack of shiny stickers with the Toriyama CT art. Generic stuff, but wouldn't that make it complete?

The Japanese version is pretty easy to come by as it was a very hyped game. You have to imagine Squaresoft and Enix collaborating was quite a thing, like Capcom & SNK, so a lot of it was produced. The Japanese version is a pretty reasonable price, while the US version I think is valued because those who initially got it don't tend to want to part with it (like me).

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I don't think they need to appreciate it. I have no clue what the kids these days like. In my time, Turtles was aggressively marketed to the kids, and it worked. The SNES version of the game improved upon the arcade version greatly in terms of mechanics plus offering some more content, and it was one of the early titles for a new system to be excited for in its day. I had lots of fun with the game, and the kids can have fun with whatever they play now.

Take Chrono Trigger and Lunar for example. I am perfectly fine having only played the SNES/SFC of CT and Sega Mega CD version of Lunar. However there were improvements in later iterations of the same game like animated cutscenes, additional dungeons, and characters staying around which was not my experience and have yet to experience for myself, and I am fine with that. The kids get to experience better on the PS but I am at peace with the version I played. I do not require kids to appreciate the games I played, they can enjoy their newer and in theory better games.

I suppose the musou games are sort of like the modern equivalent of the brawler (belt scroller) genre. Coupled with a franchise for kids, I suppose the modern one they would like is that RWBY game. Maybe you can ask them about it.

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How else do I have them? Yeah, I just figured it was nice to ask. It was like AOL discs back then, they'd give these things out in hopes to get people in.

N-no ... yes ... I do post a lot on this board with old pics (sometimes new) I took. If you know me, please keep that to yourself as I prefer to stay relatively anonymous (this thread may have revealed something of me though).

I started Crimson Echoes (bottom center of previous image), but have not finished it yet. I don't think it is /vr/ approved, it is definitely not legally approved (in the US), but at this point I am just enjoying a remix of something I love.

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