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People's expectations continually rise with games, which is why people have difficulty getting into older games. Notice how /vr/ never talks about Atari games. Because only those who grew up with them care about them. Only those who grew up with Famicom, snes, mega Drive really care about them.

After early 2D like Atari, early 3D is the worst hit. These consoles really weren't strong enough to do 3D properly. The first to do so was probably Dreamcast. But the biggest issues relate to camera and control schemes. Take 3D games like Vagrant Story, or the N64 Castlevanias. The Demon Souls series just plays so much better and smoother, and it is mostly down to better camera and control systems. Having a controllable camera makes all the difference. Or RE series. Re4,5,6 just play smoother with direct aiming, camera over the shoulder. Compare Metal Gear to MGSV for similar changes. You may not like the newer games, and a lot of them are bad, but they still have superior control and cameras.

The ones seen as the most archaic are old console and PC RPGs. When I recommend old games, I skip those ones. People don't want to play a game that consists of hitting "Attack" menu over and over again. It's just stats and numbers on screen. But at least they have animations. The oldest PC First Person Dungeon crawlers barely have graphics and are just bare bones.

These factors, combined with the antiquated graphics, means that people just can't get into these games. The only people who are obsessive and care about them are the ones who grew up with them. Which means that interest in these consoles will grow less and less over time, until they are basically forgotten.

And this will just keep happening the more vidya tech advances. Do you think anyone will care for current games controlled via gamepad when we have full virtual reality? Controlling a game on a screen with a gamepad will seem so antiquated.

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Meh, I could never really get well with the forced perspective of these games. Their confusing controls only added to the frustration, not the fear factor.

Just think, if this board allowed it we could all be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Resident Evil 4. But, nope, muh rules.

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