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AstroWorld would have turned 50 today.

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Now i know i dont have shit for info on this because all i remember was a level and what not, i dont remember a name or box art or etc etc, maybe this is the mandela effect buttfucking me but i NEED to know this

does anyone remember a ps1 game where one of the levels looked like a rundown area/junk yard or like a ruined city and there were these random orange circular objects that covered a majority of the map, and you basically just ride through the level and at times you got chased or some shit, like i swear im loosing my mind over thinking about this but its bothering me so much

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y-y-you can't talk to bae like that

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Everythings working fine on NP2 on Wine on Ubuntu, except the sound lags
How can I fix this lag?
Everywhere online people say the sound works brilliantely on NP2, but this isn't the case with me for some strange reason

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>tfw always hated nintendo and mario
>tfw all the chads that got to fuck all my high school crushes were fucking nintenbabbies who liked mario and mokemon

At least I can vent against nintendo here on /vr/

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>be adult
>your son is playing video games all day and not doing his homework
>"games won't help you get a job, you know?"
>20 years later
>he's making millions playing video games
>you are jelly as fuck. this was unthinkable back in your days
>instead of accepting the change, you act like the old fashioned adults you hated back when you're kid and start the last generation bitching
>"w-watching video games?! i-it's fucking stupid! fucking kids! not playing video games anymore and shit! this needs to stop!"

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As a long time Nintendo-hater, fuck off.

>>3832329 this basically.

I want Nintendo to fucking die and everyone forget about them, I never had Nintendo as a kid, don't have memories with it, don't care about it, and hate seeing fans of Nintendo, but even I'm not that delusional and also wishing Nintendo's death only make them stronger.

I've learned to ignore them and hopefully they'll disappear (or alternatively, someday I'll wake up in a different timeline where Nintendo never existed).

Not retro, by the FUCKING way.

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>tfw we will never know what Sonic & Knuckles RPG was going to be like

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>tfw europoor

Why does Nintendo hate me?

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>gets so ass shattered he has to cry to the mods

You really are a numale

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How do you emutale this game without purple, 3D and crashes?

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It still pisses me off that this thing is considered "retro." It's not fair.

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