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These guys make the game fun. Sure they're overpowered but that makes for a unique challenging experience flavored by their ridiculous voices and cool look. Blood's problem is actually that there's not enough of these guys in episodes after 1

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I love Pig Cops and the SW ninja are fun, but neither of them are as memorable or iconic as cultists. Even if you've only played Blood a couple times, you remember MODERN ARTS AND FEAR BOOKS

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>always played just Doom 1/2
>finally decide to play a Build Engine game
>pick blood because everyone says it has the most satisfying weapons
>encounter pic related at basically any point
>mfw I can't stop dying
Holy fuck what is this, every type of hitscanner in this game are like chaingunnern on speed. They don't even need to register you're there, the second you're in line of sight they unload on you.

I only just beat the carnival level but I am constantly quicksaving/quickloading. I'm playing on Well Done just for reference.

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