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I kind of just use multiple selection marquee (pic related, one of the most valuable tools for spriting, IMO) and do all kinds of shit with light levels, contrast, saturation/coloration, and cut and paste stuff, all to 'micromanage' pixels and shit, to get gradients and shapes and stuff *just right*. It's a bit time consuming, and if I knew how to paint/draw for real, I might be able to do better, but I'm stuck in my spergy ways and what I do now is frankly a million times faster than any of my old methods with MS Paint.

Blending can be good too, but is a bit more situational.

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What? Nigga, no, I cite the resources I use in the posts, I cut them out and assemble them in photoshop, then play with filters, colors, layers, brightness and contrast, blur tool, etc.

There's seriously a lot you can do with the rectangular marque tool if you set it to add or subtract multiple selections (or for that matter inverting it), you can basically form a perfect selection/outline around a sprite by just gradually selecting the pixels you want/don't want.
You can easily do gradient shading or saturation/desaturation this way, which can be very practical.

It's *unbelievably* fucking useful for spriting.

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