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Sure. Just casting iron in a mold by hand isn't that great for a weapon, but you CAN cast like a bronze sword in that manner, and it actually won't be terrible (not as good as steel, but you can still use it as a sword). An added benefit is that bronze is very easy to just melt down and recycle, so if you wanted to turn the sword into something else, or if it was irreparably damaged, you could just melt it down and cast it again.

Looking at more contemporary weapons, investment casting can be used to make steel gun parts, and as long as you do it right, and give them a good heat treat, they'll be every bit as strong as a forged or machined part.
Pic related is a Ruger Blackhawk, it's made with investment cast steel parts, and is considered above average in terms of strength and durability, these guns being more suited for stronger than average loads than a lot of comparable revolvers in the same calibers.

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I spam more with my Immoral Conduct screenshots. Probably because he can actually demonstrate his ideas and progress better due to knowing how to record and edit video, while I basically post a bunch of crude at best screenshots.

Also they're just titties.

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I kind of have something vaguely like that in the pipeline.

I kind of just have to figure out how to do cocking frames and reloading frames.
I could probably Goldeneye the reload a bit, but there's really no available doomguy hand which is suitable for cocking a centered revolver.

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