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>I'm mostly interested in picture quality and features.
VHS tape bandwith is pretty low, which is why most don't even bother with s-video. Basically what this guy>>6055747 said. The difference you see on the screen is going to be more down to quality of the mastering of the tape and the quality of the equipment itself than the signal, and unless you're watching late '90s/early '00s tapes, typically the source is completely un-remastered from the original print, which once again, is going to completely negate any video quality boost you may have gotten from s-video. Later tapes, though, often got the same digital remastering as their DVD counterparts, so those can look pretty fantastic, even just through composite.

I picked up a Sony SLV-676UC about a year ago for 10 bucks. It's an editing VCR and has all kinds of fancy shuttle and audio controls, but I never really use them because I have no real reason. It's been one of the best VCRs I've ever owned, despite being almost 30 years old.

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