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>a big part of SS13 is the world's interactivity and the sense of immersion it creates. It runs on an engine that's basically a graphical MUD (in case you're not familiar with them, they're multiplayer 80s-text-adventures), so the whole verb-interact thing is in the original, just hidden away under the graphics.
I really like the formulaic and technical approach to world interaction text and (old style) point and click games have. Even if it isn't as immersive and realistic as for example Amnesia it makes for a more.. literary? experience, and lends itself well to multiple solution puzzles and detailed/specific response to player input.

>Can't wait to crack open the beta and see how it works.
Likewise. I'm fumbling in the dark with so many things so it's great that someone else works on a similar/related project.

>I really wish more games put focus on immersion and world interactivity in a way that isn't 'pick up that can'.
Ultimately what too many games lack is a sufficient amount of player agency. A true feeling of exploration is rare, and choices rarely matter at all (if there do, it'll be a binary choice "be a dick" or "be nice"). Telltale games are particularly bad in this regard, with good acting and characters as their only saving grace.

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>Has anyone noticed an increasing interest for Doom as of lately?

Yep, lots of Doom blogs on the internet also help with that a lot.

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