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Hawkeye was already confirmed in Heroes of Mana. Uses it here.
Riesz was already confirmed with Million Arthur Arcana Blood. Uses it here.
Charlotte is confirmed here.
Other main's remain the same. Other Characters and places changed to match Heroes names.

Scripts pretty good. Characters personalities remain more or less the same but with more flavor.
Charlotte may have gone overboard with the Elmer Fudd though. YMMV.

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I tried a Riesz-less game once, never again. Amazon for Life. Brotier, doesn't take shit, sensible, and the first fucking thing she does is literally go Rambo. She has it all.

Everyone else varies. Hawkeye because Motherfucking Ninja and he's pretty bro. Angela cause slutty sorc. Kevin because he's stupid broken as shit.

Indifferent to Duran, don't like Midget Cleric.

Honestly the game is easy enough you can just use who you want, when you want, how you want.

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Duran hits harder than Riesz, and that's about it really. She does everything else better aside Non-Oil Heal (and Duran loses his whole point if he goes light since his Light Classes suck).

It's really give or take honestly. All the fighters hit like trucks late anyways, so it really is just preference for Duran or Riesz. SD3 isnt really a game where Min-Maxing is necessary.

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