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37 Male

The people I personally know in my age-range, who are into games are 98% male. I think that's because video games in our western culture was considered a "boys toy" for the longest time.

I think you'll find a more even split in Japan, for instance, where it's more unisex.

There's also tons of new people arriving to the hobby as it become trendy among hipsters and nostalgiafags, which can be hard to account for, but anyone who is and 20-something currently really into the Nintendo 64 is probably not for the games themselves, but for nostalgic reasons.

Nostalgia is probably the only redeemable reason for being into the N64 in any capacity anyway. If you grew up owning the wrong console, but played it anyway with friends, it's the time spend with friends that you fondly remember. If you really want to feel nostalgic about the N64 experience without paying eBay scalper prices, then just dip your glasses in vaseline, find the most uncomfortable piece of plastic you can hold your hand and have someone scream "IT'S A-MEEE! MAAAARIOOOO!" at you until you get over it.

Then get a Dreamcast if you're interested in playing some real games.

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