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This always impressed me. When I was younger, playing VF2, I picked anyone but Akira, who just didn't have any easy to pull of moves. A third of his moveset was impossible to do counters that gave no indication if you done the input correctly or not. Another third was throws... he has something like 9 throw moves, plus the Stun Palm. Beyond those, he had a few slow moves that left him open, and a bunch of slams which are a bitch to pull off by reflex on a d-pad. Plus the Stun Palm and the Knee which requires 1-frame timing.

Then I learned his basic throws, and using his body slam moves more efficiently. He is my favourite character in the game. He is like the strong grapplers in SF, who can only do high damage in certain situations, but they do very high damage in a few hits in those situations. Except that half of Akiras moveset revolves around changing the situation you are in! It takes incredible skill, but he is SNK Boss level of untouchable in the hands of someone who mastered him.

Or you can just put Stun Palm on a macro since it does 60-70% damage. But then, so does bf+P, b,f,f,f,P+K (three forwards instead of two, so you dash first and cancel to the slam for more damage).
The standing two palmed strike (d, b, f, P) also looks like an extremely painful move, since it uses like 5 parts of your body, to attack a single spot (lounging forward as you stand up with your legs, charging forward with your hips, plus both arms, and both palms). You do that properly in real life, you could send any dude flying.

Oh, and the best thing in VF2 was the sound effects. Land a kick on the face, and it sounds like you broke the sound barrier with the hit. I love it. I also loved how the standing up kick had 8 or so radically different animations depending on whether you are face closer to the enemy or not, whether you are on your back or on your face, whether you do a roll first, etc...

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