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>It's late 1996.
>You are tasked to bring the newest cutting edge arcade title Virtua Fighter 3 to Sega Saturn.
>Despite what the media is led to believe, it's very unlikely that you will have access to any external hardware in Sega Saturn cart form factor.
>There is a significant hype for that new Tekken 3 game. Apparently it uses PSX hardware, so a home console port is very likely. You should curb stomp that one as well.
>Sega Saturn sales suffer, so if you fail, Sega officially withdraws from gen 5 and stops supporting Saturn. "It's do or die, son!".
How would you approach the task? How would you optimize the graphics? What will you cut and what will you try to retain as much as possible?

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Since I'll never be able to own a Dreamcast, I guess I'll just ask any VF fans out there: What are your thoughts on the DC version of VF3? Do you think it makes any substantial improvements over 2?

I'd like to track down a DC for a select few games I wanted to play, but I already have VF4:Evolution, so there may be no reason to go back to VF3. But I suppose there may be some special quality about it that makes it worth looking into.

Also, general Virtua Fighter thread.

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That's not even the best OST in that series.

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