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beatles: peace good love good, war bad
woah, such staunchly original music

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well shit who do I believe now?

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>Trying to make hideous destructor compatible with complex clusterfuck
>Merely thinking about trying to make hideous destructor compatible with any other gameplay mod

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>Enemy that spawns enemies that spawn more enemies

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>DRLA update still not out

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I like the new gore but Even the hotfix was flawed. I hope the author gets it right the next major update

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Plutonia is mediocre gameplay wise. It's very obvious by the second half that the brothers ran out of ideas and defaulted to ambush spam on every level. The final 5 or so maps consist on nothing but "go back to explored area, be surrounded by ambushing enemies"

map design wise, it isn't bad, it's very crude but also very creative. Evilution maps where much more clear but nobody remembers them.

>Plutonia is supposed to be a real challenge by design, and if you feel it isn't easy, then it's doing it's job, it's working as intended.

I call bullshit, Play plutonia on UV and you'll see there's parts of the game that are literally unbeatable on first try. Doing "read the manual or die" type gameplay on anything other than roguelikes and RPGs is not good mapping.

Team TNT shined because it had like 6 people doing the work. Plutonia was made by only two members of TNT and it the limited ideas they used showed.

>plutonia was made by players who thought the original game was too easy and made maps to satisfy themselves

Which is fucking retarded. The developper will always find a map easier because he knows where all the monsters are.

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>Zombie marine yanks your BFG away

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Wait is there really only one vanilla skybox in Doom 2? I'm trying to add a different one in Doom Builder but I'm only finding one

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>When you're hugging a wall with your back because you're shooting at enemies and unknowingly walk through a fake-wall into a secret

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Why the fuck are all the gameplay mods so overpowered for fucks sake, is it really so difficult adding weapons that are around as powerful as vanilla ones just work slightly different as to make things fresh
and don't mention hideous destructor I'm talking keeping the vanilla doom difficulty not making it harder.

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>Emulating GBA Doom for fun
>Make some headway through episode 2
>Cacodemons have the fast effect and their speed + projectile speed make them a bigger threat now, on top of awkward controls and resolution/framerate issues
>Mfw I see Cacos now
I usually try to take them out with two rockets when I can, but the fact that I have to hold L and R then hit the D-pad to switch weapons can make that cumbersome, I either have to run out of the room to switch so they don't catch up to me immediately or just use whatever I've got armed. Honestly though, it's nice having them as a bigger threat since you tend to get used to Doom 2's expanded enemy pool.

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>about to go through
>remember it's a Jimmy map

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>Sometimes you kill a revenant with 2 SSG blasts
>Other times it takes 3
>Sometimes it takes 3 rockets to kill a mancubus
>other times it takes 5
>Sometimes you kill a baron with 4 rockets
>Other times it may take 5 or 6

Random damage values are kind of scary when you think about it. I always go into battle expecting the worst, and end up wasting ammo in the process because the enemies died sooner than I expected. But on the other hand non-random values makes the fights(in single player anyway) slow and repetitive. It's the little things we take for granted in the Doom engine.

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