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Looking at the attached picture, which of these would you say are "essential"? I started playing CRPGs after having played Disco Elysium, proceeding to Planescape, Fallout and KOTOR and now I have a craving for more, though it'd be super cool to find a setting similar to the one in the Conan books.
Posting here because most of the games shown are 'retro'.

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After 4 years of work, the CRPG Book Project is finally finished! A free ebook with 528 pages, reviewing more than 400 RPGs from 1975 to 2015, plus dev interviews, mod tips and much more!


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For RPGs, do titles from rpg codex's top 50 (this image). Most of them are very accessible and good, which is why they're voted so highly.

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Ok, I've played many many crpgs, but I want to pool our experience together to create the perfect crpg. You decide the setting, theme/genre, story/plot, quest types, skills, classes, perks, weapons, monsters, villains, factions, extent, and depth, etc, etc.

So what will it be, I wonder?

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I don't like those kind of generalizations.
Something more objetive it's saying the original platforms for WRPG used to be PC and older computers while JRPG used to be consoles.
And for that reason controls and mechanics can differ according to that.

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game finding thread please?
Looking for a old RPG old enough to be in those perfectly square CD cases.
all I remember is this: the opening cinematic had some old farmer walking around and some pillars of red hot rock start shooting up from the ground and at the very end of it there a knight facing a very large demon that looked kinda like the balrog from lord of the rings.
The first part of the game you start as a man in a modern looking house. after walking around you find some kind of wizard who sends you back in time. the area you end up in is very medieval. basic CRPG leveling and weapons. the game play was third person like skyrim and had graphics similar to neverwinter nights.
I would appreciate some help I enjoyed this game so fucking much as a kid.
pic semi related just games that are similar

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