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Oops. Will fix, thank you.

TEXTURES is not off-limits for weapons.
The big problem with it for maps is that, I don't exactly know what causes it, but in quite a few maps the assembled TEXTURES lump included every single default texture in Doom 2. So I had to hunt through the file to look for the new textures. And that got REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING, REALLY FUCKING FAST.

Thankfully, TEXTURES-assembled weapons are pretty much...immune to this.

This is a fantastic question, and I don't really have an answer aside from "post in the threads letting people know what you think", which honestly isn't the most ideal way to go about it.
In a perfect world, I'd have one of those online notepad collab programs, where each map/weapon has a section and every contributor writes down a comment or two. Or do it like the JPCP, a throwaway message board where you don't have to register to comment, and each map/weapon has a topic.

I'm slightly insistent on credits.


Fair enough, will do.

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