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>and you'll spend 99% of your playtime with that horrible shotgun.

>there's no balance at all in the enemies

Jesus fucking christ, I swear to god all of you, you should just mod Doom's shotgun into every retro FPS and be content with it since all you really want is Doom.
Or better yet, stick to Doom if you can't accept any game that doesn't play exactly like it.

If you think enemies HP balance is wrong and that you spend most of your time with the shotgun, I'm sorry but you don't get SW. It's got a different kind of balance, it's all about fast reflexes and higher stakes. You can die easy, but you can kill easy too. If anything the weapons have great situational balance, and the shotgun is meant for tight places with corners or cover, EXACTLY so that you can see it to "1 shot" mode and quickly sneak and get up close or Ninjas and girls to 1 shot them. The point is, they can fuck you up royally just as quickly.
I wouldn't be surprised if the same people who complain "Pigcops have too much HP" also say "SW enemies have too little HP". I wouldn't be surprised either if you spend all your time using the multi-shots shotgun fire against weak enemies at long range.

The only enemies which I think are too "weak" are the grey baby rippers (pic), they either should have a stronger attack or more hp.
The big versions of Rippers are fine. They don't even have THAT much HP unless you're trying to kill them with stars. Although the point IS for them to break the pace.

You have a point for multiplayer though. SW's multiplayer is very underrated, AFAIK it also has the first 'official' (non mod) CTF in a FPS.

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