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What are some /vr/ 'little sister'-core games?

So far I've got Spyro and Kirby.

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From the skyboxes to the soundtrack to the minimal dialogue, this is 10/10 comfy dream game

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>post spyro thread
>dies with 7 replies

Stop this shit /vr/

Favorite game? Level? Music?

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Also do you guys think Stewart Copeland will redo the music for the new remake?

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>first game had more open and exploration-heavy levels
>second and third games had more small / linear levels

What happened? Were they trying to copy Crash?

or am I just a faggot mis-remembering things since I haven't played Spyro 3 in forever

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The development behind on how they managed to get the game to look and feel as amazing as it did with the limitations of the ps1 is so interesting.

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Pic related

It looks like shovelware for little girls but it's actually a fun and challenging collectathon platformer.

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What portable emulators do you use /vr/? Do you have a recommended dedicated device or phone peripheral? I am looking to turn my old Samsung Galaxy SII into a dedicated portable emulation station, but can't seem to find an add-on with generally positive reviews as far as emulation is concerned.

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