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My idea has good intentions but is sure to have setbacks. Enjoy.

Instead of two Hitachi SH2s, there is only one now clocked to 40mhz. Programmers can sweat less with games tied to one SH2.
>Hitachi SH1 controlling the cd drive is swapped in favor of a Z80 (think Z80+SN76489)
From what I understand a controller just tells another device when to do something and when to stop. The controlled device has its own rate of transferring data. This could have slower load times depending how the Z80 is clocked but I want to cut costs and makes things easier to use.
Yamaha DSP is removed and Motorola DSP stays. The two VDPs are unchanged.
Memory is increased from 1MB to 4MB. No aftermarket option, all games run straight out of the box.

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