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>man's ass

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Why do half the maps in Arcane Dimensions feel like they're made by DOOM mappers?
>here's a large room with some pillars and thirty enemies, enjoy circle strafing for a minute
If I wanted to play DOOM I would.

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nifty trick... I didnt know "fail" was a command, just figured the only ones that you could use were goto, loop, stop

Hey check this out... I want to shoot a projectile from at weapon that then delivers a shotgun blast forward (straight forward from the shooter, or targeting whoever was under the reticle). But whenever ive tried this in the past it just shoots the player instead.

Two ideas involved are delivering a projectile that explodes downrange and also scatters shrapnel (or delivers a low damage shotgun blast to ampilfy painchances) - but it doesnt spray the player with it, ie only targets a specific arc. Maybe even only spreads side to side instead of forwards and backwards so that it has a higher chance to hit whatever is next to the target.

Also a railgun shotgun, but since railgun shots dont have any accuracy deviation I think I would need to emit a projectile which then turns itself randomly in different directions to deliver the railgun shots (instantly). They could be lasers or ghost beams or particle beams, terminal capabilities of the railgun shots are irrelevant.
> this is to avert using ripper fastprojectiles and just do things properly

Also im still wondering how to do this "only hits a monster once" BFG spray trick. So that the bfg spray only whops a monster for some fixed amount if it hits them (something like 250 damage). Im thinking that im going to have to replace all the monsters in order to get this effect though.
> hacky lo damage bfg spray that sends monster to a bfg spray painstate, which then displays the effect and zaps them

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pretty much ive given up on 3d art altogether, slating it as being completely beyond redemption, and im just waiting for whatever next major leap in modelling art comes about

same with programming, im never going to touch anything object-oriented, until it literally becomes object oriented (as in drag and drop, objects, visual) - also not going to bother until people stop reinventing the wheel every time they go to make something

again there's no arguing it, its all beyond redemption as far as im concerned, im galvanized... its probably not going to improve until 2030

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>needlessly high res texture
>no borders
>doesn't use 1 pixel = 1 map unit scale
>bump mapping
fucking gross

this post is majestic, though

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Doomworld's "upgrade"

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>I swear the only people who say this have just been indoctrinated into saying so
You think people who dislike Castlevania 2 are part of some secret cabal? Some conspiracy that exists solely to piss you off? That sure is some ego you have there.

I like Castlevania 2, and it gets way more hate than it deserves, but you come off as a complete pretentious faggot. You want weapon variety? Find a stout bullwhip and hang yourself with it.

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Friendly reminder that video games are toys. They're meant to be fun. And telling people that there's a "correct" way to have fun kind of makes you look like a dumbass.

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