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Still own the Xbox I bought on release.
Actually own a couple of units.
The Duke controller is fantastic and made for large manly hands.
Great library of games.

Posted what I have to hand at the moment.
Have several games in sleeves and out on loan to the bros and Co. Such as...

Soldier of fortune 2
Conflict desert storm
Brute force
Halo CE
GTA San Andreas
Need for speed underground
And more

I've also traded a whole host of titles and franchises over the life of the Xbox. None of which were a disappointment, simply due to circumstance.

Never bothered with the dvd kit... As I had a combi TV. (a bad choice on Microsoft part to begin with)

Didn't have broadband at the time so never had gold. (it be like that)

This didn't undermine the fun to be had as a stand alone console

My bros had PS2 and gamecubes so I never missed out in that respect. However I am still glad I bought the Xbox. Infact it was my first credit card purchase.

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