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It is Japan-only.
I wouldn't say it's a game that "plays pretty well", but it's still the only Evangelion game that feels like a proper "Evangelion: The Video Game" in the sense that it faithfully recreates the original material with great art direction and amazing visuals. It's definitely recommended for Evangelion fans.

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It's the Evangelion game that remains the most faithful to the original source in terms of tone, presentation, etc.
While the Saturn games were a mixed bag of visual novel with not very engaging RPG mechanics, and then there was Girlfriend of Steel which had high production values but was still a visual novel, and was also a side-story, not an adaptation of the anime.
So when Eva 64 came out it was mind-blowing, graphics were some of the best you'll see on 5th gen, presentation was all carefully detailed with actual recreation of the anime series' fights with the angels. You could also go to training mode and it'd be laid out like the actual VR training in the series. It really felt like Evangelion: The Video Game.
The only other game that I think can rival Eva 64 is NGE2 on PS2/PSP, which is an RPG and I don't think it did the art direction and 3D models as good as NGE64, despite being on better hardware.
There's also Battle Orchestra which is a goofy Smash clone, it's ok but doesn't feel like a representative of Eva games rather than as silly spinoff.
I think the best 3 Eva games are NGE64, GoS and NGE2, in that order. All 3 are worth playing if you're an Eva fan.

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>Gonna be honest, I don't really remember load times really being a thing on the PS1
They aren't as bad as other PS1 games, but they're there.
>I don't think they could have FF7's battle models are really high poly
Eh. Also I mean, FF7 has turn based combat.

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Yeah Evangelion 2 is pretty insane with all the "what if" scenarios, but I still think Eva 64 is a more impressive game when it comes to being a video game about Evagelion. Even if the gameplay is nothing really that deep or special, fighting 1 on 1 with the angels in real time (or 1 on 9 in the case of the Eva series) is still bad ass.
And even though the graphics on PS2 are more powerful than N64, there's something about them that look kinda soulless (I mean the 3D models of the evas, etc), whereas the N64 models still look impressive and more on-model with the originals.

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Pic related has more polygons than any FF VII boss, and it's a real-time action game.
The Square developer interview is a nice anecdote, but it's not the be-all end-all of N64 discussion.

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>agreeing on Eva having awful action scenes

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Probably Evangelion 64.

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>one can't be posted here without causing muh nut-retro fags blowing over
The PS2/PSP RPG? It's cool for fanwank, but in the end you realize it's not different than Super Robot Wars fanfiction, and at least SRW is more fun to play than Evangelion 2.
Evangelion on N64 is actually the best Eva game as far as art direction and being able to play through the events of the series in game form. Once you understand the battle system during fighting missions, it can be entertaining, but it's mostly a visual spectacle.
Girlfriend of Steel is also worh "playing" because of its quality and because it feels like an OVA or a TV special in VN form, it was made with help of the actual TV series staff after all.

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>little replayability
well, the main attraction of Eva 64 is that it's the only game that faithfully recreates the action scenes in the series and lets you control the evas without it being an RPG, VN or something like that.
It has some replayability, depending on how much you care about it. Unlocking every single special attack can take some time. Also a few missions having slightly different outcomes depending on your actions. There's also the simulation mode.
>and more like a puzzle game.
Genuinely curious, how exactly is it like a puzzle game?

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>The game looks like shit
Now that's an unpopular opinion.

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The N64 is the best one, but I wouldn't call it a "good game", in the sense that it only works if you're familiar with Evangelion, otherwise it's too weird and abstract.
Or if you played the Ultraman SNES game, because the battle missions are pretty much like on that game.

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I don't know if it really pushes the N64 to its limits since most of the game is very cinematic. Like, you have control of the Eva, but you can't really do much with it, it's mostly slowly fighting in a small (in scale) area, and then performing special commands to see cutscenes, but the effort put into the 3D models, texturing and lighting really stands out to me as one of the most visually impressive games of 5th gen. It looks almost 6th gen sometimes.
In fact, I think the Eva 64 models look actually better than in the PS2 Eva games.

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Yeah. The "incentive" you have to replay the game is to unlock new animation attacks in the battle mode. There's many different types of attacks per battle, and if you trigger them the game will save it on the memory and you can re-watch all the clips later on the theatre mode.
But yeah, it's not a game you want to play for the gameplay, really, I dig some of the missions, but some others I hate (the fucking Spear mission).

Also forgot to mention, the 3 endings all have different ending themes, matching the movie versions. The first ending (JSDF) has Tamashii no rufuran, 2nd ending has Thanatos and third one has, obviously, Komm susser tod.

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Eva 64 is top tier.

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