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Like for like comparison. Look at the circular explosion and all those extra chunks/gibs that fall out.

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...and here we have the real game.

Notice the difference in gibs/physics? Can you even land dynamite on zombies in BloodCM? Notice the enemies aren't janky midgets with missing frames anymore? Notice how much smoother Caleb's hand sprite animation is, now without the disgusting random jerks?

This can go on and on and on, and that’s ONLY talking about visuals – visuals so glaringly off it should be absolutely obvious to anyone with a functioning brain. It completely piss slaps Blood’s visual design and replaces it with turd, which really sucks in a video game with such a rich textured atmosphere.

The gimped gameplay however, as previously touched on here >>https://warosu.org/vr/thread/2717480/#p2739641, is the even bigger tragedy. That warosu post discussing CM's gimped gameplay is not exhaustive in the slightest. BloodCM plays like absolute shit compared to the real game.

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