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I mostly just figured that the elite enemies are the main reason for stupid deaths right now, and some people don't like things randomly spawning in place of normal monsters. Plus, this is largely a learning project for me, so I figured I might as well learn cvars and MENUDEF as well.

I actually just made one for the SSG zombie, since some map makers might not intend for the player to have an SSG at that point, and because it's pretty good at taking out huge hunks of the player's health. Same with the plasma-wielding HWG. Then I figured, as long as I have an option for two monsters, I might as well add options for each of them.

I'm also really tempted to add an option to turn every monster in the game into (shrunken, so they can fit everywhere) laser cacodemons. Not for any particular reason, but because laser cacoes are my absolute favorite monster in the world.

I was actually thinking of a way I could set it up so that each monster has a 1 in X chance of spawning. So if you set both the zombie, imp, and demon all to 1, then there'd be an equal chance of any of the three. Or if you set imp to 3 and zombie and demon to 1, then out of 5 spawns, 3 of them would be imps. And so on.

Oh well. With this, and with some more tweaking and polishing, I'll be as done with this mod as I can. Until I start mapping for it.

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