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What are some good games for this thing that aren't RPGs? I've played pretty much all of the RPGs it has and am looking for other things.

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Specifically want to play some old RPGs like FF7, 8, 9, Tactics, Valkyrie Profile and such.

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I had a Nintendo 64 growing up, so recently I've been giving this console a shot and seeing what I missed.

Granted, it does 2D/prerendered stuff all right, but what the fuck is with the 3D? Every polygon and texture just jitters all over the place. You never know where the devs intended anything to be because all it takes is a slight camera movement to knock everything out of position.

Who thought this was acceptable? Even the fucking Jaguar didn't have these issues, and that came out over a year before. There already existed 3D arcade games in the late '80s that didn't do this shit. So how did they fuck this thing up so bad?

And some people prefer the PS1's 3D over the N64's? Fucking why? PS1 is a bullshot console, plain and simple.

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So, a few months ago I bought a PlayStation 1 at goodwill. It came with Final Fantasy VIII and a basketball game.

What are considered the best PS1 games to get? After doing a little research, I've seen a few titles keep popping up.
>Crash Bandicoot
>Spyro The Dragon
>Silent Hill
>Resident Evil 2
>Metal Gear Solid
>Final Fantasy VII

Are there any others I should look out for?

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Got a playstation for FREE but im wondering why that when I play spyro 2 the background music and people's voices skip/lag? The gameplay itself runs fast and smoothly but im wondering why is the music doing that?

It's model number is SCPH-9001

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I agree. The Dreamcast was an outlier between the 5th and 6th generations, as I suggested earlier. It should still be included on this board. The Dreamcast actually died before the PSX did so it is definitely retro.

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Why did europe get so fucked when it came to releases of ps1 games?

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I have one of those playstations where it always gets stuck on the black logo screen because it's got the weird laser assembly. I usually have to turn it upside down to get it to work. mine has the regular playstation a/v plug in, no rca, and the gameshark port thing. not sure exactly what the name of that model is.

what exactly is that problem? which playstations are most prone to having the issue? is there anyway to fix it permanently?

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At what point do videogame systems officially become classed as 'retro'?
I'm pretty sure the Gamecube is classed as retro but it's only 13 years old which feels weird
Is the PSX retro yet?

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So, I wanna relive my childhood and got a PS1. What games should I get except from classics, such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro?

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How well does the wii emulate PSX titles? I've got a weekend off and would like to play through FF7, but I don't feel like finding and setting up my PS2.

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I used to play a shitty game but I cant remeber its name, could you help me out?

>top-down perspective
>you controlled a car
>on the menus you were on some kind of modern house/secret agent hideout with a lot of screens

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Are there any good ones about?

All I could find is a few on Isohunter here http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/playstation/psx-homebrew/
But nothing too fantastic.

Anything I'm missing?

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I just installed a modchip in my Playstation.

>tfw playing Suikoden II for 2 pennies (the price of a CD-R)

Anyone else know this feel?

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What are /vr/'s favorite Playstation games?

Looking to expand my library. Please mention anything other than extremely obvious choices (FFVII, MGS, etc.)

Obscure games are always a plus.

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Hi, i'm searching a game i played in my childhood.
I think it was on ps1. A sort of action/aventure/ beat'em all game.
You can choose three caractere : a woman, a man and a big man.
I remember some weapons like a giant sword, When the man and woman use this sword they are slow as shit and when the big man use it he is way faster than them.
There is also 2 "mods" of weapon. Like a pair of gloves who fire energy in a straight ligne and when you old L2(i think) you shoot bolt who follow the closer ennemies.
There was also some stages bonus when you have to shoot at people with crossbow to gain money. That's all.

Thanks you for helping and i'm really sorry for my english.

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There seems to be a lot of hate for epsxe on the emulator scene. I've been using it and it's perfectly serviceable. If there's a reason to use any other let me know, because I wouldn't mind having a better emulating experience. Just right now, I don't see anything wrong.

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What's your favourite Playstation 1 game?

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Hi /vr/, I've been meaning to start a PS1 collection and was wondering what games to pick up as I'm not that familiar with the console. I can play pretty much any genre apart from most JRPGs (I reckon I could tolerate FF7 and I like the look of FF9). Apparently Valkyrie Profile is very good as well.

Where should I start? I know about stuff like Crash 1/2/3/CTR already.

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Never had a PSX, wanting to experience it.

What are the must play games, preferably ones that still hold up.


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Yo /vr/.
I just bought a modded PS1 and immediately burned Jumping Flash! to a regular CD-R at 10x speed.
It loads just fine in XEBRA, but on my actual console it tells me to "Insert A Playstation Disc".

It's a PAL machine, and the game is NTSC-U.
Did I botch burning the disc or does the modchip only enable backups from PAL region?

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