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Carmageddon Max Damage/C:MD has all of the content present in Reincarnation. C:MD also has:

- Five new vehicles:
1 Hevy Impaler
2 Rig O Mortis
3 KVN Toucan
4 Project X
5 Super Suppressor
- Support for articulated vehicles:
1 All regular cars can hitch up to Caravans
2 Rig O Mortis has three different Semi Trailers (Flatbed, Loaded Flatbed, Tanker)
3 Super Suppressor has its' own Tracked Semi Trailer
- Three New environments:
1 Beelzebubs Bottom (Temple Arena)
2 Satans Tower (Rocky Atoll Arena)
3 Ill Eagle (Large Desert level with town, army base, dam, canyons, crashed UFO & Train Line)
- In-car camera
- User controllable police lights & sirens on all police vehicles
- Multiple Ambience/Time of day settings on all environments
- Tweaks to some environments, such as more lights in City A
- Tweaks to some of the vehicles from Reincarnation, such as the plow now having a flappable bucket
- Pop-up vegetation (grass) has been added to all applicable environments
- All Pedestrians have been overhauled with more model detail & better textures
- New Pedestrians including:
1 Peds on Bicycles
2 Peds on Mobility Scooters
3 Peds in Wheelchairs
4 Bears
5 Coyotes
6 Aliens
- Overhauled Particle Effects
- Improved Sound Effects
- AI Cars can now be 'stunned' after big collisions
- Cars can be split
- Multiplayer adjustments, such as players not being allowed to full recover when driving at speed
- In multiplayer, cars appear with their respective original driver instead of Max Damage or Die Anna
- New Environments have been integrated into the Career
- Some Challenges (Now called Missions) have been adjusted
- Improved lighting, including 'God Rays' shining through the clouds
- Improved underwater effects
- Improved Screen Feedback (Motion Blur, Blood Splatters)
- Loading bar on loading screen
- Power up hints that Pop-up on loading screen
- Little Transition Cut-scene upon event load
- Various Bug-fixes & a lot of polish

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