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>You just said Gen X
That implies the majority of Gen X not the entirety of Gen X you moron.
>I still don't understand what's the point of this. The vast majority of people don't know a lot of things,
You said most people in 2012 should know what a furry is. Most people still don't know what a furry is today.
>he vast majority of people never made a Playstation 2 3D platformer starring anthropomorphic cartoon animals.
The vast majority of platforms star anthropomorphic cartoon animals with Mario being an exception not the rule. Spyro, Ratchet, Crash, Sonic, Banjo, Conkers, etc. Do you even play the games or do you just jack off to the furry porn?

It's easy to see how a dev can go to a furfag convention thinking he'll get to interact with the fans without knowing what it is similar to how THQNordic went to cripplechan without knowing what it is.

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>gameplay is strictly mechanics

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>just because there's no round house kick doesn't mean it doesn't play like 4

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>I'm gonna list a bunch of mediocre games and if you can't be arsed to list the flaws in all of them it means you haven't played them

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