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Same form factor, break-action, short barrels, and the stock cut down to a grip. Caleb's gun is probably far more comfortable though, it even leaves a little of the stock on the end of the grip to give you a more solid, well, grip, on the grip.

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It's a shock at first, but the secret to Hunted is that it's actually not THAT hard to avoid getting hit, if you can back behind a corner, or stun them with your boomstick, you can avoid the devil magick giving you a second asshole.

You're given one of these and a big pile of shells at the start of the map, and it's a very deliberate idea. Hunted is like an intense lesson on combining rapid "duck and cover" and stunlocking.

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found nother one

would somebody tell me what this one is?

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Well it's really more of a long-term issue, it's not gonna warp over night.
I think if you can make a practical gun about a pound lighter while still maintaining it's practical capabilities, it's worth it.

Also, pools of blood and sludge, that's moisture. And hell can be lots of things, I'm sure there are near jungle-like hells, dark and damp, with horrid giant insects and large muscled monsters with big teeth (I guess a halfway between a pinkie and a hellknight or something?), vicious things. Maybe monsters which are trees and vines?

Wood super-shotguns are olev though. Pic related is just a cheap-ass Baikal, but cut down the stock and barrel and do a clean job of it, give the wood some classy red varnish, and you have a very pleasant little blaster.

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