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It uses basic Unity framework to the max.
Also it was not he, who made literally all of the assets, he just put them all together in the Unity which does not take much skill. The assets, textures, music etc. were made by a decently sized team.

Besides Threre are very few frames per enemy, absolutely no rotations (estimated ~300 frames total), 6-8 textures per level theme (~140 total, including variations), and all that is very low res. One guy would've been able to do that in a few months without trying too hard, if he didnt have any other occupation.

Because whoever did this does not really get the oldschool formula, going for the surface level instead of understanding what made old games work so well and going from there. This is the case with absolute most "retro-inspired" attempts.

So far only Ion Maiden seems to be a proper modern oldschool style shooter, DUSK and AmidEvil close behind - they have quite a few flaws, but still decent attempts.

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