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I dare you to watch this and not cringe.


>Pro-Tip: it's fucking impossible.

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No games make me feel like a macho badass like doom, duke or wolfenstein anymore.

Seriously i'm so tired of being a random grunt fag who is really out of shape and can only sprint 5 fucking feet.

Duke nukem forever was one of my last hopes, maybe doom 4 will live up but i reserve my judgement.

I also find it funny how everyone was using DNF as an example
>Lol macho badasses don't belong in modern day media EDGY TORTURED HEROES ARE WHERE IT'S AT
i'm not even kidding people legitimately said it just google a bit and i'm sure you'll find some results.

All in all I miss the old days, fuck this new shit.
I want to be the hero, not the zero.

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>All filters look terrible.
>Muh pure doom grafix

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>>Master chief CAN'T block bullets with the energy sword and this is even partially brought up when they're summing him up yet during the death battle he does anyway.

I still can't get over that one it's so fucking glaring.

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I'll level with everyone for a moment.

Brutal DooM itself isn't that bad.

It's a decent mod, I play it sometimes. Work was put into it, effort was made.

It's Mark himself as a person I hate, not his mod.

Seriously he's such a self-righteous prick.

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> :^)
Welp it's confirmed he's a fucking troll.

Everybody just stop responding, he'll fuck off when he finally comes to terms with the fact that nobody gives a shit about his opinions.

Everyone should just play what they like and shut their goddamn mouths.

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There are, but super outdated. Like, half a century outdated.

Mexico's copy right law for example, piracy is only illegal if there's physical money into play, allow me to elaborate:

>It's illegal to buy a pirate Wii game burned on a DVD from a flea market, or a pirated DVD movie because I'm paying for the pirated item.

>However, there's no law, and thus not illegal, to download the game, or the movie, because there's no money involved from my part, e.g. I'm not buying the pirated item from anybody.

And then theres hard drives.

>All those hard drives with Wii games sold online, it's not ilegal per se because I'm buying the hard drive, the games "just happen to be there".

God, I love these half-assed laws.

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>That cave level with the floating platforms, and people behind you can bump and send you flying off

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