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I love both the games, I have vague memories of playing Shenmue 2 on my Xbox (even though I owned a Dreamcast) when I was a kid and really enjoyed it even if all I did was look around the room, talk to people to hear their voices and look at my capsule toys.

I didn't really play the games until 2013, and I still loved them. I looked past the weird control scheme and wanted to be enthralled by the game itself and it did a pretty good job at that. I started 2 in 2014, but didn't finish it until 2016 for some reason.

I also unintentionally got three friends into Shenmue last year. I was trying to show them have funny and wacky the game was, but somehow interested people in the game and they asked me how to play it.

Shenmue is a cool game, from the music to the small details. I love how there's so many places I didn't even know about in Shenmue 1 and 2, and tons of dialogue you'd never hear outside of a normal play.

Hoping Shenmue 3 is good and Shenmue 4 happens.

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>DECALOGY of ten games

I heard it was just meant to be 7 games since Suzuki conceived 16 chapters, and Shenmue 1 is chapter 1 or so, Shenmue 2 was meant to take place ENTIRELY on a boat from Japan to China, Shenmue 3 was meant to be the first part of Shenmue 2, and Shenmue 4 was meant to be the reamaining part of Shenmue 2.

Honestly, if Suzuki got what he wanted it would've spanned multiple consoles and such. Hell, someone even took a picture of a white board that had the chapters sorted into games, and all it had on there was Shenmue 1 and 2, then trailed off into the number 16.

>I am very curious how far into the overall story Shenmue 3 is going to take us.

It's not the final game in the series, that's for sure he said that he wants to make a Shenmue 4 and 3 will not complete the series. Although, he did say that if he DOES get a chance to make 4, it'd be a better game since they spent a good few months learning the software and they wouldn't have that problem anymore.

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