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And not only that, be prepared for this (DON'T OPEN UP THE SPOILER PIC YET)

Back from war, BJ got married and had a son, named Arthur Kenneth Blazkowicz, Arthur was into the showbiz, and changed his last name to Blaze

Now, Arthur got married with Susan Elizabeth McMichaels, and they had a son, named William Joseph "Billy Blaze" Blazkowicz II, aka Commander Keen

Now, back in the Wolf story, in Wolfenstein RPG (released for mobile phones) the last boss is a creature called the Harbinger of Doom; in the end, you get to rip and tear his left arm and his right feet with the Spear of Destiny (open up the spoiler pic now), and then the Harbinger vows revenge, telling you that he'll have a rematch with a descentant of BJ's lineage

That very descendant is Doomguy, you get to fight the Harbinger (as the Cyberdemon) in Doom 2 RPG

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