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For the big cowboy revolver, what'd feel more fitting, standard hammer and grip frame, Bisley hammer and grip frame, or standard grip-frame but with a Bisley hammer? Mostly it's a case of what feels most consistent with the sprite you look at when using it. The pickup sprites are just templates, they'll be sized down a bunch and painted over (more or less).

I'm rather partial to the classic grip, which fits my hand very well, but I feel the Bisley hammer might look closer to the hammer on the sprite (also the trigger seems like it'd be a bit nicer).

.357 Magnum isn't actually all that big of a Magnum cartridge.
The reason it's so popular is that it's a Magnum cartridge that most people can learn to handle, on top of being able to shoot .38 Special in the same gun (and 9mm Luger in some).

Not that .357 Magnum is *weak* or anything, but I wouldn't try to hunt bear with it (short of maybe black bear, but honestly who'd bother doing that short of rooting out known pests). It'd take a few shots to drop a Pinkie demon.
If I was going to go with a .357 caliber, I'd rather want .357 Maximum (an even longer and stronger case loaded hot as shit, giving you basically .44 Magnum muzzle velocity with a .357 caliber bullet), or .357AMP (basically the .44 AMP Automag cartridge necked down to .357 caliber, again to drive a .357 caliber bullet at really insane speeds), the latter somehow even more obscure than the former.

I honestly don't like .45 Long Colt that much, I feel it's dated.

At best, you can handload .45 Long Colt to levels similar to .44 Magnum, if you use modern cases and an appropriate load of smokeless powder. For the same size of gun and ammunition, .44 Magnum would save time and money, if I wanted to drive a .45 calibe projectile to insane speeds, there's way better options.

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