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>charmander/bulbasaur 50/50 split
>chikorita every time by far
>all gen 3 starters suck so just catch a new team or whatever
anyone who disagrees with me is a big dumb idiot
>pic unrelated

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When the topic of early 3d gaming comes up people seem to generally regard the games of this era aging far worse then the earlier 2d generations of games. I don't think anyone would deny this was generallyba pretty good time for video games with a number of classic games released on every platform from the period but it feels like people generally look at the early 3d as being a limitation of the era, more so then any other era of gaming. Do you guys think early 3d has real merit as a timeless style of game or does a lot of it just look kind of ugly now?

To me I feel like fifth gen 3d is unique in that they still felt like they required a lot of imagination in how you can interpret what is happening in the game. With later 3d gaming everything id so clear you always knew what you were looking at and what is happening, it becomes hard to really leave anything up to the player's own imagination. That's not an inherent flaw, being able to tell what you're looking at is obviously great, but it's a charm I think only fifth gen 3d really has.

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hearty kek

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>Why the fuck did it not get localized
first game got bad reviews and didnt sell much overseas. shame really.

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Holy shit yeah it was practically a day-one game for an early 3d console
Also pretty much a contractual work done as a 3rd party without much technical skill or any hardware knowledge to back it up
It's impressive that the game is actually playable, and mildly enjoyable compared to all the shit PSX could vomit from its entrails

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