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>34 posts
>15 IPs

Literally half the posts here are the same dude, jesus christ /vr/. If you're going to complain about these threads, just stop replying to them.

To the newfags, engaging with him isn't a funny meme or joke, he's just an obnoxious shitposter and always has been. Ignore him, filter his threads (most of them have the same filename, ffs), and contribute to actually worthwhile threads.

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I like Sega since they port their games onto PC and don't get anal about fan projects. One of their best recent games was a passion project by fans they hired. I wish they'd be consistent with working with the fans, though.

I'm really glad Nintendo never had the chance to buy them because I really don't want to be forced to play their games on a shitty handheld with drifting joysticks and an insufferably laggy and counterproductive user interface.

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