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I remember all three of these were praised upon release. SM2 is easily the best of the bunch though because I remember distinctly getting stuck on the BS parts cause we couldn't afford Nintendo power. Years later just before the internet was a widespread I was gifted a stack of back issues with the secrets and a few walktroughs on that old green and white printer paper.

I guess they weren't considered to be mediocre until people got together and realized how comparatively difficult they were. Zelda 2 is way fucking harder than it has any business being.

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>take PSX Doom TC
>remove maps

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I put my money in before the threads showed up. I just wanted a new, alright controller without paying a bunch of money.

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Speaking as someone entirely indifferent to the idea
Nah, probably not. At least on this board.

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I am still convinced that the intended strategy is to die, and get sent back so you can get the spin slash and kill Jaquio in one hit. Why else would the first phase guy not respawn when you re-enter the boss room?

I've never beaten Ninja Gaiden without going back and getting the spin slash for Jaquio.

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>Not a virtual reality gaming board

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something about the voltage step being slightly off internally which stresses the components more than regular carts. Theres some article about it and the only cart that passed the test was SD2SNES.

Its a real shame too cause everdrives perform well outside of this flaw

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Funny, I went through the exact same thing. Used to not enjoy A Link to the Past or Zelda 1 and get bored or quit like an hour in repeatedly.
A few years later I played both of them again and they just clicked with me in a way that they didn't before, quite strange. Now they are among my favorite games on their respective systems.

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Its still doom though? The dooms own world textures, dooms own monsters, main gun + photorealistic hand holding it is all a far cry from 8 bit nes style.

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Indeed, the NES had games.

Amiga, not so much.

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>video game based on an anime about a japanese princess
>localized in the west with alex kidd
>he suddenly is japanese
>not to mention that his father is there, while in the main canon he was disappeared until the end of Enchanted Castle
>the goal is to go to an arcade to play Out Run
But I guess the bullshit difficulty is not to blame on the localization

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>play 20 year old game that you've never played before and have zero nostalgia for
>enjoy it thoroughly and complete it, look back on the experience and mark it down as one of your top 5 fave games of all time

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>Wind Waker was released before FFTA
>the Wind Waker post was deleted post-haste
>the FFTA post is still up

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>gun has a sight
>crosshair drawn on visor

The future is a mysterious place.

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