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I don't think I fapped to any retro characters, except maybe Terra from FF6, but that was mostly fantasizing.

I know Bleu in Breath of Fire 1 gave me my monster girl fetish, starting with lamias.

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^ disregard this

>BoF 1
One is a bit tedious and predictable at first but gets really damn good 1/3 in. Has a damn good soundtrack, and Bleu will give you a boner. While there's little for dialogue in the game, it's still good.

>BoF 2
Two is a slog. One big annoying slog. Ignore the Kattfags please, they're the ones who praise this the most, and they're furries.
The battle music is terrible, which is bad because the encounter rate is retarded, and the rest of the music is average at best. The story starts decent but then end up being bleh.

>BoF 3
You'd need to play a bit of it first before you decide it's worth playing, that sounds odd but it's true.
As far as story goes for an RPG on the PS1, it's a mixed bag. Some of it's good and fun, the rest is a little bad. The music aside from a couple of areas is by far the most dull.
There's a lot of really stupid shitty mini-games you're forced to do. The characters are interesting, they're the best part of the game actually, unfortunately there's not a whole lot of character development things in the story aside from using camp and talking to them outside the tent in between each little piece of progress in the story (and that's all you get). For something that's supposed to be an rpg that's a console ahead of BoF 1 and 2, it doesn't do its job.
Momo is best character btw

>BoF 4
Never played. Sorry.

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Incoming best and strongest BoF girl.
Probably also the reason I ended up with a monster girl fetish.

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I'm currently marathoning the BoF series in order, from I to IV, i'm still in I and just got Nina back into my party after she fell in Tunlan and lost her memory.
I think i'm close to the end, i mean, there aren't many places i haven't already been to and now that she can fly i can finally reach Scande and fight Zog.

So far i've loved the game, almost as much as i loved Chrono Trigger, but there are 4 things in it that were let-downs and could have been done a lot better:
1_ The fixed magic damage, that was a terrible idea. It makes the variety of magic spells and dragon forms worthless since there is no point in using any but the strongest damaging and acorns are cheap anyway.

2_The random battle encounter rate is too high in some dungeons. This is annoying and makes fighting a chore, sometimes you just want to clean a floor and move on with the story but you have to battle every 4 steps.

3_The game doesn't tell you what the "relics" (the items that go into the ETC slot) do, with the exception of status raising items like the Ring and Clog, you have to search guides to know what other relics do, and apparently there is one relic (MistyRG) that does NOTHING.

4_The statuses are really convoluted, not explained at all, and some are even pointless, like MAG, INT and WIS, since magic damage is fixed as i said before. After the first few hours i realized the only status that really matter are Attack, Defense and Act, the rest are completely worthless and pointless.
And let's not forget Debo, by the point you get this transformation for Karn you won't even fight on water again anymore, another useless thing.

I hope these issues have been fixed in the following games of the series. And i think i'm in love with Bleu.

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Bleu from Breath of Fire?

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